Russ Pulley

In 1985, after completing training at Quantico, VA, I was assigned to Nashville, TN for my first assignment as a brand new FBI agent and have since been privileged to call this great city my home.  Having studied Governmental Administration and Political Science in college, public service has always been a passion of mine. When I travel and meet people from around the country, I am never able to get too far into a conversation before I hear someone speak of their excitement for Nashville. Green Hills is a significant part of this city's renowned reputation, and I have been proud to represent its residents for the past four years. That is why I humbly ask for your support as I seek reelection to the office of Metro Councilman for the 25th District.

As your councilman, I have used my experience as a professional and as a community leader to help our neighborhood continue to be the best place for you to live, work, and raise your family. Together, we have celebrated significant achievements such as the brand new facility being built for our children attending Hillsboro High School and new and improved sidewalks promoting safe pedestrian traffic amongst ever-growing automotive activity. There are ongoing issues we will continue to face, such as the booming growth of Nashville affecting the spirit of our community. I want to fight to preserve the neighborhood we know and love while managing growth responsibly. We need traffic relief, we need responsible public transit options, and we need a district that grows along with Nashville while maintaining its spirit as a calm, family-friendly neighborhood. These are just a few of the many issues I plan to address in the coming years.

As your elected representative, I will advocate for Green Hills and for this city so that we may continue to strive for excellence. I look forward to getting to know more of you personally and seeking your input on issues facing our community. I want to know what matters to you. I would be grateful for your support throughout this campaign and would be honored to earn your vote on August 1.



Russ Pulley